About the project

Wirral Ark Dinghies supports out clients by giving them meaningful and enjoyable activities to do, in an environment where they can make friends and get to know one another.

“The project saved my life, it changed things for me”

“It gives me purpose, a sense of achievement and wellbeing” 

– former client

We take old mirror dinghies, which are usually donated by the public, and refurbish them. This typically means stripping them down, making repairs, changing parts, and painting and finishing them. The work is overseen by our experienced coordinator, meaning they are fit for sale and the clients have a clear direction to follow.

Before I started I was just sitting around the hostel dwelling on bad things. So this has given me something productive to occupy my mind

– former client

Funding from the project comes primarily from charitable donations, though the refurbishment and sale of dinghies generates an additional income stream. This is crucial on two fronts – it makes the project more sustainable long term and it lets clients see that their work on the dinghies has meaning.